Kindle Edition of In Search of the Lost Ones: On Amazon

I’ll have a bit more of a post about Kindle and Kindle Select but for now, I wanted to let you all know that In Search of the Lost Ones is available on Kindle.

You can find it on most amazon sites such as the UK Website, and the US Website and also the German Website.  If you look closely, all of the Kindle editions were published on December 12, 2011.  However I enrolled them in the Kindle Select program, and adhearing to their Terms of Service, I could not promote them on my blog.

As of today, I can.

I decided that the price of the Kindle edition is $2.99US (the counterpart in UK pounds and Euros are the equivalent.)  I want to see how it does.  I think it is a fair price, and now that I can promote it, this should encourage people to buy and read the book.

I am so pleased that this has happened and I hope to see you there and enjoying the book.

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