Publishing My Book Is a Joy

For all that people talk about the challenges of writing or editing or designing a book, I found that in the end, publishing my book was a joy. I loved the process (at least most of the process.) Not only that, but I learned that a writer needs to think long term to have success.

Publishing my book meant that I was forced to think not only for a month, but for a year or more. I thought about the market of people who could read it when there might have not been one which was as good. I made a choice to self-publish and still be happy with the sales I would get with the book I wrote.

I learned to accept that not everyone likes how my writing flows, but I also learned to accept that there are people who are as concerned about how much my writing has improved as there are people who want to see me have more sales.

Publishing my book means that I have to promote my book, but that seems to be less of a worry these days since my readers are also more willing to write reviews of In Search of the Lost Ones.  It is great when people tell me that they read my book and enjoyed it.  I was terrified when I sent out my book for the first review, and I was very excited that the reviewer liked it.

It is also good when they say that they look forward to reading another one, and it’s great when the readers tell me that my writing can improve.  That is what publishing is all about:  I can improve and so can other writers.

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  • Damaria Senne

    i'm self-publishing another book, and it is a joy. Yesterday I also found how easy electronic publishing makes the whole process easier for us. You see, I loaded my latest book on Amazon ( a children's story), set the launch date and the started working on the promotion plan. and then, somehow it struck me that because I don't have to worry about printing costs and the children's book is rather small, I could also offer translations, so that parents can read the book for their children in their native language. Less than 24 hours later, i have translators lined up to translate the book to 4 African languages, German and French. And the whole process was painless, because I will use similar covers, and just change the text on the front of the book to an appropriate language. That means that I will easily have 7 versions of the book by the end of March. Now that's what I call publishing joy:-)

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