Write and Self-Publish That Book

I will make this simple. I will make this clear. My sentences will be short, not long. It is not word count that matters. It is not, how soon can this book be published? Almost everything you do in terms of writing a book is fraught with questions.  It is one of the most easiest things to do, but one of the hardest.  If you question yourself, the answer is simple.

Yes: write that book.

As you can see, I have many writing projects on the go and people have need of my time beyond writing, and I find myself being asked to take on another project.  In this case, I have one book published, and am working on another, when I find some other writing project given to me. Such is the writing life. I know that I have some deadlines to commit to. I know I also have other deadline to work with.

The cover above is the self-published book I did in November 2011. I am so pleased to have a wonderful editor and many people who were so supportive in getting it out. It is available in paperback and kindle. More on that later. I am happy — excited —  that it is published.  It took time and effort, and I learned a lot more about self-publishing and want to do the process again.  The main thing I learned is that as a writer, you will need to write something well, and then find another team member to improve your book before you are published.  I think that “self-publishing” is not quite the best term, as most people work with someone else while writing, designing and editing a book.

That is one book. Below is the other.
I am equally excited about the second book, and I am sure I have more books in me. Notice however that the other person, Jane, who writes this blog is going to be the co-author to that book. How exciting for both of us.

What about for you?

My Answer: Write that book…. Why? Because you need to.