Why You Need To Publish a Book

First Off Good News: I got my first review of my book on Amazon.  I am pleased, of course, it was from our very own Damaria Senne, but still it was honest and well written, thanks Damaria!

You need to publish a book one day — you are such a good storyteller.  Have you ever heard these words or something like them said to you?

I know I have heard these words said by many people.  The truth of the matter is that most people don’t know or don’t want to know how much effort it takes to write, then rewrite and then edit your work to have it to the point that it is publishable.

The key is knowing what is publishable. After all, one can be a great storyteller, but in this case you are telling someone a story.  They might in fact be hinting to you that have heard it before.  Then again they might be telling you to, finally, write it down.  After all, we can’t live forever.  I think the main point is that non-writers don’t realize that writing is, in many ways, a bit of a challenge.

You really need to want to write.  And you also need to want to edit, and publish.

So, why do you need to publish a book?

It really boils down to three things:

1) Because you have the commitment to write and edit and then get it published.

2) Because you believe, deep down, that writing is something that you can do.  Publishing is one thing, but writing and re-writing and editing are another, it’s a lot of things to work with.

3) Because in the end, it’s not about making money, but rather sharing and improving your work and your writing.  You need to publish because to you, you need to prove it to… you.

You will have to market your book after you publish, but that is another story all together.


  • Damaria Senne

    My pleaasure Rebecca re review.

    As to your question, I need to publish a book because that's a dream I've had since I was young ( around 10/11 or so). As soon as I understood that I could be the someone who writes the books, takes people on magical journeys and educates people etc through the written word, I knew I wanted to publish books. As you say, the writing and editing part is more challenging, but when you have a dream that won't quit more than 3 decades later, then you just have to do what you have to do to make it reality.

  • Zabrinah

    This post is so very, very true! You really do have to commit to publishing and editing as much as you commit to writing and revising the novel in the first place.

    I really want to let go of whatever doubts I had and just put myself out there with my latest novel. Reading blogs like these provides me the inspiration to do so. Thank you.

    Keep it up!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,

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