Living a Life of Writing: Publish

It is simple:  If you are living a life of writing, there is one final step you must take.  It is so simple and most writers tend not to think about it.  If they do, they have different reactions to that very thing.

They fear it.  It worries them and then they don’t do it.

They are not fearful enough.  Then mistakes happen.

They want it badly but have no time frame.

They want it badly. They want to be a writer, and then an author but have waited — too long… or so they think.

This thing?  Publishing a book.

You’ll see these reactions and more if you are truly living a life of writing in both your own writing and in others’ writing.  Publishing means this:  Living a life of writing = publish a book.

The other thing which many will want to add is this: if you are serious about writing, and about having a book published at some point in the next while, you have to stop one thing. That is: Stop thinking about the dollars and cents.

You might say it is important.  I agree that it is, but until you are published, stop thinking about money, and start thinking about writing well.

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