Why If you Write a Blog Should you Care About Writing Sites?

Most people love doing one or two things at a time, and while a person might enjoy writing one blog, and write it well, they might decide that they want to branch out a bit.  Online writing sites can help.  They are, for some people, a means to drawing a larger audience to read their blogs.

For others it is a big business.  By example, Hubpages, a site which has been online for some time now, has had some problems with people not getting traffic from search engines.  To many tech savvy people, Hubpages became known as a content farm. This is because that was where people would generally write and post content with too many links to their other websites or leave duplicated content on Hubpages. (They wrote a blog post on Hubpages and then posted the same piece to a number of other online sites.)  Sometimes because of these multiple posting locations, it is hard to determine and maintain where the copyright holder is.

Still Hubpages, which was one of the hardest writing sites to be hit by an update that Google made to the way it ranks sites based on original content, had a number of people complain about their treatment in those search rankings.  I would have been one of them, except that I took a long hard look at my my writing.  I am getting my editor to guide me through improving that.

Copyright enforcement on Hubpages is a lonely job.  You must visit a site like Copyscape.com to check on your work, and then file your own complaints if your content is stolen and reposted somewhere else on the web without your permission.  Luckily, sometimes all it takes is contacting the website, and Hubpages is noted to be very good and doing that.

Still should you care about Writing sites — with everything you have to fix up?

The reality is that if you have a blog, you are not the only one in this world writing and you are also not the only one who wants to build a following.  If you say the same things on your blogs as you do on your other websites, you’re soon going to run into problems with people finding you.

This is why you should care about writing sites: They can work for you by getting traffic from another sources to come and see your blogs.  Write a great blog, and over time you’ll get traffic.  Write a blog which needs some help overall, and you will need to work with other writing sites which are willing to critique your work.


  • Nicole Pyles

    True – it's funny, because I'm blogging on two other blogs. But I blog different things. For one (that I'm being paid for-yay!), is an entertainment blog and I get paid to write commentary on television shows, etc. And another one (not paid), I blog about book reviews. And on my own blog, I blog about my writing journey. And I've used infobarrel (like hubpages), and any article I write there, is technology related (like apps or social networking site). So, you are so right – if you do write on other sites/blogs, you should keep ideas separate, otherwise you won't generate traffic for yourself.

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