When It Is Right: Do You Publish?

I don’t think anyone will argue that writing and publishing aren’t a challenge.  There are days when you wonder why you decided to become a writer and then there are days when the word flow and editing is a breeze.  These are the ups and downs experienced by many writers.

I have to say that my editor can see mistakes a lot better than I can some days. This is something I have wondered about. The question I had to ask myself was, when is it right?  When does the editing stop and the publishing begin?

I almost wanted to argue over a comma — I didn’t though. If I had said to not worry about that comma it meant I would get a number of people to stop asking questions.  It also meant I would have others asking more questions.  Of all the things I have worked hard on my book is one of the hardest, most exciting most frustrating, and entertaining things I have done.

The problem is that what I think is okay to publish, is not okay to someone else. Or what they think might be okay is not with me.  I think that is where you have to say at this point it has to get done, and yes there will always be sentences we do not like but we will have to take what we get and go from there.

When is it right: do you publish?

I would say make a firm decision about what’s good enough for publishing your book, and stick with it, otherwise you might make unwanted mistakes.

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  • Al

    Near enough has to be good enough. It will never be perfect. No matter how may times you edit a book you will still find more improvements