Do You Have a Writing Idea?

I think almost every writer has something to say. They write because their need is perhaps not so much to share everything that they want to, but to be able to share it in a way that they enjoy.

The truth is I am not an actor, but I enjoy writing. 

I think that is why having a writing idea is so important, but what about an idea?

Everything I write about begins with an idea.  Some of these ideas do not get more than three sentences in an idea book, some get to the outline stage.  Some get changed over time.  The point is writing is something that comes from an idea.

That idea might be developped into a short story or it might be published into a novel.  Or it could be put to the side and then changed to or amalgamated with another.

Do you have a writing idea?  I think like every writer the answer is yes.  In many ways it improves our writing and helps us communicate better with our readers.  They are the key to improving our writing.

This way we can avoid more mistakes, and have our publishing dreams come alive.


  • Damaria Senne

    Writing ideas? LOL! I have too many of them around here. Sometimes I call my head the ideas factory. But it's nice to know as a writer that I won't run out of ideas; I just need the discretion to work on the ones that are most viable and enough hours in the day to actual write the stories/articles I come up with.

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