How To Tell What Is a Good Blog Post

I think we all love to read other bloggers’ writing.  It is something that can pick us up from a bit of writer’s block, and it can be a good way to gather information for our own writing.  It is also a way to improve the writing we have on our own blogs. We write because we love the passion and the feeling we have when people come and comment and they tell you wow, you have something to say.

How do you tell what a good blog post is?

When I write on my blog these days, I ask myself this question:  What is a good blog post?

I believe the answer is not as simple as I first thought it was, it is a personal answer, because it is when the reader finds what they are looking for in your posts. They have to want to read what you are writing. Tell them about your day and you won’t get any reaction, because, it’s boring.  People want to care about you and your blog and your writing.

I believed, at first, that blogs are a means to an end.  You write your blog and you build from there.  I was wrong.  I missed the point that a good blog and a good post are an end unto themselves.  Readers actually need something from you to care about what you are writing.  A good blog post will help them find what they need and will help you build your online business.

A post doesn’t always need to inspire or change the life of our readers.  A good post, to me, is one where you write and then want to come back the next day to write the next better blog post.  In essence, I think it is one where you want to make your writing better just for the sake of the writing, and this will change you in many ways.

What is the good blog post?  I don’t think it is as much about making money as it is about enjoying the moment and being passionate about what you have to write.  I think it is about crafting a post that makes people want to come back to your blog because what you wrote means something to them.  This inspires me to improve my performance as a blog writer.  It also makes me look at what my readers see and what they want and need from a blog.

I also do not think that you have to write a great blog post each time you sit down, but it should be a good one 99% of the time. That is when you go back and build your work from there.  That is when you will look at your blog and find posts you can expand upon.

I do think a good blog post has something for the reader to take away.  It calls to them in a way that makes them say, “I could do that,” or “I could write better,” or “I should comment!”

That, to me, is what a good blog post is all about.  Just keep busy writing.  This is the only way to learn and the only way that you will become a published author.  No matter what always aim to improve your writing and improve your blog.  A post is a good beginning, but if your reader doesn’t find it useful then there is a problem.


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