Should You Enroll in a Writing Course?

Since we would all enjoy improving our writing, this question can be an issue.  That issue it presents is, of course, time.  Let’s quickly pull a “to do” list out of thin air.

1) Work on our manuscript.  Or work on several manuscripts which are going to be published in some format, and each has a deadline.

2) Edit and rewrite our work.

3) Set aside family time and me time.

4) Day job.  School. Other activities.

Yes, we each have our to do list.  And can we add one more thing?  What about enrolling in a writing course?

It could be an online course or an offline one.  Should I enroll in a writing course is a question we should ask ourselves if writing is our dream, and we need to make money,

There are little things we can improve on:  maintaining a blog, or several blogs, or learning to edit, or simply learning to work with a deadline.  

For some people this also brings up the question of  how much the writing course will cost.  If we choose to go to a community college, then we might spend a couple of hundred dollars at the most for one course or more for a one- or two-year diploma program, but we would be tied down to a particular class schedule.  This works for many people.

For others, an online writing course is better.  It allows a person to work on their writing when it is convenient for them.  In a sense it can be treated like a hobby.  Writers want to build and improve on the writing we already do.  A good example is trying to find ways to improve our blogs. The problem is that sitting down to learn at a set time might not be convenient.  We might have a soon to be published book in progress, or we have other non-writing commitments.  There can be hundreds of reasons for chosing to enrole in an online writing course over a “real world” one.

Should you enroll in a writing course?

For the most part, if we are serious about improving our writing, the answer is simple:  Yes. 

Why?  Because it can change your writing life.

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  • Marlena Cassidy

    Writing courses are great to learn the basics of writing and how to learn what differentiates each genre from another so you know what you want to write in and how to do that. I would add that reading a lot also helps with learning the nuances of your craft.