Publishing News: A Bit of An Update

It’s almost here!  I am so excited.  Okay, let me relax and be a bit more coherent.  After tons of edits and tons of re-writes, I’ve sent my manuscript off to the publisher.

That is an accomplishment in my mind.  I can say that two days ago I really wanted to quit.  I hated the book and writing, but I pushed through.  (Okay I was pushed on by my editor!)  I am so glad I didn’t break at the finish line.

Writing this book has been a joy and a challenge and everything else all rolled into one.

And now the challenge is publishing. I have to say that it is a whole different beast.  Publishing is more of a quick end to a long marathon.  you can say what you’d like but If in less than a month I have a proof in my hands after three years of editing… well then you are much better than I am.

Of course I did need to learn one fundamental thing:  you have to improve your writing.  Or as one says, you need to improve it to get a better audience.

Who said publishing a book was easy?  Oh wait I did about 3 years ago.  I think and I will say it, that my second book will go faster.  I hope it does, maybe that one will be out in a year!

Oh speaking of which I do have to humbly thanks Marlena, as she did some awesome thing for me yesterday… you’ll need to see her blog here to understand why I am shouting out much thanks!


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