Of Money and Making Money Writing

I have to admit that writing is both something that I do for fun and something I do for money.  It is not the paradox that many might think, but rather it is something that one simply becomes used to.  I can write something that I love to write about and not worry about financial compensation.  And then there are times when I worry and fret over each word because I am getting paid for my efforts.

Some might argue with me that it is all about making money writing.  To an extent I agree, but the idea that one should only write for money is not something I like to consider.  It would make my writing dull.  Frankly it would also mean that I would not be writing a blog that I love.

The hardest thing, I think, is finding balance.

Fact: we need to make money writing.  Making money writing means we can continue to write.  This is something I have learned the hard way.  After all if you don’t make money you cannot justify your writing as something beyond a hobby.

I took to writing out a plan.  I used both written word and pictures to help me clarify my goal and the steps I need to take to make more money with my writing.  This also meant that I had to work on my editing skills and I found a really good editor who would work with me. It is about publishing the best work that you can — not something half-finished.

I also think that you have to publish that novel or non-fiction work before you will see any money, but I think that should go without saying.

So to cap this off, if you are focused on writing and publishing your best you will make money writing.  Just love what you do….


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