Love What You Do… but Also Publish What You Do?

How can someone say that they love what they do when they sound so angry about it?

In fact, I was able to talk to a few writing friends over the past few days, and one of them made the comment, “I love what I do… but it’s sooo frustrating?”

The problem is they are about to publish a series of short stories, and they are just about ready to toss that manuscript out the window.  They love what they do, but this might be hard for them to also publish what they do.  There are days when 1,000 written words might just as well be a word picture.  It might be faster that way!

I can understand those sorts of days.  We love what we do, and sometimes we love it too much and we simply want it out of our sight for a while.  It is the writing process.  Not only that, it is the editing process.  There is the blog, and one hundred other things that writers and editors have to do to get that lovely book published.

Can we feel it?

Can we also publish what we do and still love it afterwards?  The answer is a simple yes because of the way in which we change and grow as writers.  Once we are published, we can say we are published authors and we stand or fall on our work.

So, love what you do, and publish what you do, and learn from your mistakes, and keep on writing.


  • Leah Griffith

    I understand the frustration. Writers not only have to write but also market and edit their work which sucks the creative life right out of us. But still, we write, and love what we do.

  • justiffi

    i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog0. There's lots of good info here and its definitely helpful for anyone who takes a stab at writing. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. Thanks again.

  • Nicole Pyles

    I can definitely relate to that frustration. While we all love the imaginative side, we hate the actual WORK part of it – the marketing, the editing, the work of finding just the right publisher – all of that makes the writing process…just that…a process.

    But like you said, it DOES pay off in the end! Just think of being able to call yourself a "published author" is reason enough alone to stick with it.