Self-Publishing: You Want Me to Spend HOW MUCH MONEY????

Fact: it cost money to self-publish a book.

Fact: It’s your money.

Fact:  You will even spend money when you traditionally publish that book.

Bearing these three facts in mind, many people who are new to self-publishing tend to ask one question:  You want me to spend how much money?  Yes, you have to spend money.  If you want to make money, in the end you have spend money.

Writing online is similar.  For example you can write on many online writing sites, and still make some pennies, but you spend something — your time.  Self-publishing is much the same way.  You write your novel or non-fiction book, and then…

You will spend money — on editors and professional editing, on marketing, on something.  The point is you have to be prepared to spend it.  How much you spend is up to you.  If you get caught up in a vanity press, you will end up asking yourself why you spent that much money.

A bit of advice: stop asking about spending money and accept that if you self-publish you will spend about $3000 out of your own pocket to become a published author.  If you have to spend more than that or you have mor steps that need to be done by someone else (such as editing) you do need to ask these companies this: you want me to spend HOW MUCH MONEY?


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