Enjoy Things of Beauty and Publishing Will Be Easier

Have you had your run today?  Have you stepped back from your computer for even five minutes to walk some where?  Chances are if you are reading this you will be saying well, I am reading this.

Where does exercise time fit in when you have to edit an important manuscript?  Where does “looking great come in when your book needs to be published… yesterday?”

The manuscript has to be published, but at the same time, you can not lose yourself in the book.  I will share a personal experience with you.

I try to get out a bit and exercise.  Sitting at a computer is hard on everyone.  I needed a break.  I went for a bit of a walk and enjoyed the outdoors.  I did not miss a beat when I got back home.  Truthfully, I think my editing went much better after a break.

We are people of beauty, and if we believe that, then our writing can be made beautiful.  Publishing should be our focus, and I do not suggest that we spend a lot of money on makeup and spa treatments, but we should at least give our bodies a chance to relax.

Enjoy the outdoors, the things of beauty outdoors and the publishing process will be easier. 


Because you have changed your focus and allowed your mind to work on something different for a few moments, not just that soon to be published book.  For a bit of fun, I went back in time on my blog and found to my “horror” just how b-a-d of a writer I was.  The proof is in the very first blog post — Enjoy it.


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