The Thing To Remember About Self-Publishing a Book

Self-publishing a book is easy. This you can say with a grin. It is easy, and you will simply need to use your head within the concept of the entire process.

Self-publishing can be hard. This is also true. There will be times when you will have to consider money questions — big questions like your overall budget or something more specific like your marketing plan. For example, I decided that with CreateSpace I would get someone to do the interior of my book– and pay for it– whereas I would do the cover myself.

I also decided to focus on editing, not on marketing as yet since I believe a self-published book needs to be its best to “make it” long term. This is a choice that I have made.

Self-publishing a book is about choices, both for the short term and the long term growth of your book. It is the same with writing, we all make choices, editing with a professional editor or self-editing with the risks that it poses. Everyone has a style to their writing—which should be evident in the final published format. You always need a reason for your writing. Self-publishing a book is about making the best choices for your book and for your wallet.

That is the thing to remember when self-publishing your work — on the Internet or otherwise. Don’t hate self-publishing, and don’t hate those who have success in traditional publishing or self-publishing, learn from them and make your own book a success.


  • Marlena Cassidy

    All true. All very true.

    Marketing though seems to be a forgotten aspect of self-publishing, probably because in the realm of traditional publishing, marketing isn't something an author has to do aside from book tours. As someone who has trouble with marketing, can I ask how do you market your books?

  • TinaAtHome

    I remember reading Robert Kiyosaki's book where he was discussing with a writer who had failed to get her book published. He suggested she took a marketing course to discover how to market her book. Her reply was that she wouldn't take a marketing course because she was a writer and not a marketer.

    Maybe that's why Robert Kiyosaki's books are best sellers and hers aren't.