Wow, You Can Find Writers Anywhere…. Including Hubpages

I was busy doing my own thing, that is writing, and normally I like to simply lurk through other people’s writing.  No, just to read to enjoy, and maybe sometimes to comment.  I have my favourites, most of you will know I love reading many blogs.

There is something about writers, we can be found anywhere really, but what amazes me is that most of us do not realize how much you do in one “spot” might make you forget that you have other places to write on and that people might find you everywhere.

Such is the case on Hubpages, SimeyC is a fellow I follow and read his writings.  Now, he’s a big league writer– as in his hubs have over a millions traffic hits, but he still finds time to write, in this case on excerptz, which is a good writing place and is similar to a blog.

Next, I found him here, on blogspot, writing about making money writing articles.

What is surprising to me, at least, is that writers all seem to follow each other to writing places, Most know I am here, and also on Hubpages and Squidoo, but I am also on Bukisa, Wikinut, and Excerptz…. which means that there is a lot of writing going on online!

So, where do you write beyond your blog?

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