The Publishing Aspect: Self-Publishing and Money

I got my new proofs, and they look great… I am self-publishing, but I do want to create a good impression.  I did have people look it over, but the thing about publishing—

Think that you are spending money, and don’t be so quick to say it looks great.

I was reading the proof, and, it looks great except, that nasty text error.  Hm, I’ll need to look into that, I mean after all, after you publish a book, you will need to spend some time getting reviews.  People will spend money buying your book, and most will not be friends and family, in other words, they will see every mistake you make and call you on it– or your edits.

So the publishing aspect means that you have better make sure you are like Santa Claus, check your work twice and then have someone else do this as well.  Spend your money where it is needed, and fix up your work before you self-publish as it will save you money– or make you money in the long run.

As for a blog, I am sure I make more mistakes than I care to admit, but most people are more forgiving when it comes to a blog, after all you write it everyday.  It isn’t everyday that you self-publish a book.

Still, the proof looks great, and has less mistakes than I expected.  not only that but the CreateSpace turn around time for it was good– onward with this self-publishing adventure.

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