How To Improve You Writing: One Editor, And Spend Money Wisely.

Everyone can be a critic.  I mean this as a good thing.  The fact is that you will have bad reviews for whatever you write, but then you will also have good reviews.

The key is that you will need an editor to improve your writing.  By this I mean that this is a business, like it or not, and you have to prove yourself when you write or you will not be published.  I did an experiment.

I went to amazon.com and looked at a few books, some which were big and some which we smaller in terms of scale.  All of them have good and bad reviews.  Some of them seem to have three or four bad reviews done by “a customer”  all with one star, all the exact same.  But I digress.

What really stood out was the books which had a mix of one to five stars there was something there, someone who would give it three stars might have said, “good book… but needed some editing.”  In fact it is best to always strive to improve your writing, no matter which way you are going to publish.

Get one editor, don’t get eight or nine, in  other words, spend your money wisely.  If you are writing on many online writing sites, I would suggest you self-edit to improve your writing anyways.  For the most part, when dealing with a book, you need an editor.  If you want to publish, get one editor and tell them to throw the book at you.

That’s a quick way to improve your writing.

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