How To Guest Blog? Don’t You Mean How to Make Money?

Let’s get something straight here, I write a writing blog, and this means I also let people guest blog from time to time.  I enjoy the fact there are people who love the art of writing as much as I do,  I really do, and there are days when you look and wonder where all the time went. I have had some great blog posts and some not so great blog posts- in terms of comments or traffic.

Each writer has something to say and each of them deserves a lot of applauds for their efforts to write on a public forum where they stand to not earn a penny—but earn the goodwill of the readers here on Living a Life of writing

How to guest blog?  Here we are looking at what you have to tell to the readers here on this blog.  It is about writing and it is not about showing   I’ve said this before she writes what she knows, and you’ve got to write what you know and then fix what you don’t.  How does guest blogging help you anyways?

Guest blogging- here on Living a Life of Writing- is a simple task, you write a post, after you’ve requested a way to write it, and if you are writer with something to say, let us know about it.  Publishing or self-publishing posts are also welcome.  This means a lot of things and one of them is readers.  People who wouldn’t normally read your work can find you here and then find you at your blog or website.

Still, when you write about how to blog you aren’t writing about how to make money, that is not what this blog is about, at least it’s not about saying that earning money with writing is as easy as 1-2-3.  A blog, most of the time, is not something you aim to make money directly from, neither is a guest blog.  It is, if you are a writer, what you publish, your books and ebooks- and get some attention for them.

A good blog post has something to say, so the invitation is once again out there for anyone who would like to guest blog on Living A Life of Writing- join us.


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