The Content or The Traffic: What Is More Important To You?

It’s not as if you can sit down and write just about anything and expect that people will love no matter what.  This doesn’t happen. I would like to ask this question:

What is more important to you?  The content or the traffic? 

My answer is simple I’d love both, I’d love to be able to write great content all the time and have great traffic to my blog all the time, except that won’t happen– at least maybe not yet!  Still, if I had to decide which one is more important to me?

The content, what I am writing on my blog, or on other online writing sites, and getting people to simply talk about their views.  This means that the better the writing, or the content, I write, the more I can be passionate about what others think.

I am a person who needs to think and needs to feel that what someone has said to me or to others is important, and that in my mind, should be first.  Nothing more.  Of course we all want to have traffic so that you can eventually make some money either directly or indirectly with your writing.

Then I’d worry about traffic.  In many ways traffic comes to good content, and the best place to start is to write a blog, but focus on what you are telling people, then they will come, I don’t think there is really any other way to do this.


  • Simey

    What I am trying to do is focus on quality writing! According to all the experts, and more importantly Google – quality writing leads to higher ranking, which by definition will lead to more traffic!

  • MacLaney Blue

    Content is most important, but then again, if there is no traffic (i.e. no one is reading your content) what difference does it really make, eh? In a perfect world, I have both. 😉

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