Will You Self-Publish?

It’s not a big jump, the idea that you might not go the route of a traditional publisher, but it is also not a huge jump to get into the idea that you can in fact go and self-publish.  In many ways it seems the easiest way to go, but it is beware writer time.

One small simple point should help you:

1) Use your head:  So you are self-publishing, this does not mean you do not need an editor.  You need an editor.  Please, get an editor. 

Will you self-publish?

I think a lot of people do not want to think of self-publishing as a means to make money, and they are worried that it will lack a certain professionalism.  What it is that they are worried about is that they are going to have bad reviews.

if that is what is stopping you, do not worry,  you can make money self-publishing, but you have to have the “will” to self-publish your work.  It is not easy, since in many ways you are designer, editor, and writer all in one.

will you self-publish?  This I am not sure about, but if you do be ready for an adventure.

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  • Karen @ Scobberlotch

    I think the self publishing options today are more encouraging and offer more reach for new authors. The trick is to have a strong marketing toolbox in addition to a great book. We've all see recent examples of authors who've had both like Amanda Hocking.

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