Five Insane Ideas To “Make Money Writing”

Warning: This is going to be insane, these insane ideas come directly from a night of editing and suggestions made by my writing friends.. err.. co-insanity creators… err, fellow insane writers…. You know the ones with no sleep.

1) Make money with your blog: Go to Google AdWords— you’ll get traffic.

** Note: Do not do this– you will spend money not make it.

2) Work as a singer and actor– see you are multi- talented, and you can be better than those reality people who have millions of books out there.

3) Self-Publish with AuthorHouse, or IUniverse or Xlibris, buy the biggest package, publicity is a good thing right?

4) Start a blog, everyone makes money with a blog right?  Then talk about your pets and kids on the blog… you are writing about something.

5) Ask around, I am sure that there is someone out there who will pay you to follow them and write about their lives, for say a million dollars.

There you have it, five insane ways to “make money writing

Suggestion: Don’t do these five ideas.

What other insane make money writing ideas can you come up with?