Would You Ever Delete/ Throw Away/ Recycle Your Writing?

I think it happens, you write a novel or something and then you just simply don’t like.  It sits there and either clogs up space since you printed it out, or it sits on your computer taking up hard drive space.

We all, as writers, have these sorts of novels or stories which we can’t seem to find a place for.  They are there and we thought they we good.  The problem was that really it was because of a momentary lapse into “madness” where we think what we had written was bestseller material.

Okay, maybe it was at that time, but it certainly is not now.

It is somewhat like a good blog, they get better over time, but there is always that “think.” The maybe it can be saved.  We writers seem to want to save everything, or at the very least recycle it.  I think personally I am more inclined to think I can recycle most of my work… After all you never know.

So what to do with these older writing you have somewhere?

Do you delete them?

Do you throw it away in the recycling if it printed out?

or, Do you recycle your writing, by finding a new home for it?


  • Rob

    This actually happened to me. I wrote two pages of a short story, thought it wasn't up to snuff and decided to work on something else, a year later, I found the story on my flash drive, liked what I read and am now including it in my second short story collection.

    Bottom Line: A writer must never throw any idea away.

  • Damaria Senne

    I tend to keep material I wrote, even if it's for years. Like Rob, I've actually come back to stories I initially didn't like and found out that they do have potental. some of them even got published.

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