A New Website… And A New View?

No Living a Life of Writing is not going anywhere… but I am pleased to say that I did something I didn’t expect i would do.

I created a website

It took me a while, and yes, I did use wordpress, and I am pleased with the results so far.  I am rather pleased since this is a huge step in a direction I’ve wanted to go in.

While is it at the moment a compilation of some of my hubs I am really excited that it is up and running, and that even though it took a while to figure out sometimes, I think I surprise myself.

As for a new view?

I found out that if I can do this… I can really get my book published and feel so much success.  See, the challenge of working with a medium I was not used to made it a lot simpler to work with my site.


  • Jay Schwartz

    Good luck with the new website! You've done a nice job. You're right: content is king. Money wise, being focused and finding a niche is also important. After that, making money online follows the same principles of making money in any field. And, in many cases, you need time and money to invest to make real money. I like to believe that good writers, like all artists, are not defined by how much money they necessarily make… if they indeed make any money at all!

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