Would You Rather Write a Blog Or Write On Online Writing Sites?

I love writing on my blogs, and yes I have four blogs going, but the point is that I enjoy writing on them.  It seems that recently some people were talking about diversification and other means of making money or increasing traffic online. 

Fine, but I just want to write on my blogs.  Of all four, this is tied for first, as my Transylvania blog is related directly to one of the books I am publishing.

By having a blog my writing blog I can focus on improving my writing, but ever so often I do get an email asking me how much or what I make with my writing in terms of money.  It is, it seems, a favorite topic in the writing community.

So, I took a look at my writing sites, my blogs, and where I write online, say on wikinut or on squidoo, but there I tend to talk about other topics, such as shopping or making money writing.

This being said would you rather write a blog of your own or write on online writing sites? If it is only about money or making money, writing in as many places as you can is vital to making money online.  If you are doing this for pure enjoyment, then you should really focus on one.

That one needs to bring you passion and enjoyment and just pure fun.  It should bring out the best in you as a writer and as a communicator.  You should have a voice which is unique to you on your blog, but this also means that you can expand and learn.

I think in the end I would rather be publishing books on CreateSpace with a blog I enjoy then getting an ulcer trying to make money fast by writing on 100 websites.

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  • Sharilee

    Right now, I am doing both, and I prefer blogs because of the freedom I feel with it. I like the blog format because it's more personal, and like a journal, more free-flowing, while articles have to be much more structured. Good question!

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