Mountains on My Mind: A Book Of Poetry

I have always been blessed with many writers who have a lot of talent, Damaria being one of them, but also a wonderful writer Richard F. Fleck.  He recently wrote a wonderful book called Mountains on My Mind.

I enjoyed it very much and it is something that took me a lot longer than I expected to read, but each of his works have been a joy to read, and I have the pleasure of reading a nook book, and this would be his latest writing.

Richard is well known as juneaukid on hubpages, and I’ve always come to expect the best and of course I was pleased to read this, and enjoyed it a lot.  I hope that one day he can come on this blog and tell you all what it is about the joys of being a writer.

Mountain on My mind shows this well, his talent as writer is there, and so is his talent as a poet expressing the joys of mountains, and of the outdoor life.  This is a book which I will highly recommend along with his other books.

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