Why Would You write Else Where? Writing on a Blog… and Beyond

Since I’ve written the last two posts about writing on various websites, developing a view on writers and increasing your traffic to your main sites, I asked myself this question: Why would you write elsewhere?  I mean why write say on Bukisa, or Wikinut, or on article directories, or pretty much beyond your blog?

here’s a list of answers I came up with:

1) I learn a lot from the other writers there, and this improves my writing.

2) It’s another pale to promote my work, and expand my base.

3) I do get more people and therefore more readers to my blogs– I do enjoy the comments and the people who write, comments, good and bad are great.

4) It has improved my blogs and my work.

5) Money is nice, even a few pennies a day more on my blog makes me feel I’ve done something worth while.

6) makes me want to guest blog more.

7) Showed me I still need improvements as a writer.

8) Shows me how to learn from others.

9) Expands my world

10)  I am writing, and it gets people seeing my writing, and that is what is important.  Money, rather making money is great and this is a means to make money– by doing something that I love to do, write and improve my writing every day.

Read the two posts which got me to thinking: Here (about Wikinut) and Here (About Bukisa)