When You Blog, Is it Better Content or Increasing Traffic?

I was asked this when you are writing your blog which one of these things is more important to you: the content or the writing process?  For me, this was an easy answer: the content is more important because people don’t care about the writing process when they are reading a blog post.

Do you want the traffic, from where ever, and whenever or do want to get content that people actually want to read, and hopefully comment on?

I have my own point of view and I am going out on a limb here and Giving it to you:

It’s the content, to me at least, the content is the most vital part of your blog, not the traffic that comes to your blog because commenting is a must when it comes to a blog and a writer.  That being said if you focus only on your content and on nothing else, no matter how great your content is, you will not increase traffic or get more comments.  In fact, you will probably not find any traffic to your blog.  The objective is not balance but the fine art of knowing what works and when it works.

It’s about what you need to focus on.  Write too much and too often and there will be mistakes, write just enough and more readers will find you and come back to read more.  I have also learned not be afraid of edits.  That’s what is important to the overall feel of a blog.  There is no game, there is nothing to be had if you have a million readers from everywhere but either no money or no comments.

Yet, it does not matter in the grand scheme of things if you sit down and build up backlinks to your blogs, work hard at getting links and then stop writing on your blog all together.  It is not easy to write when you are focused on traffic, and if you focus too much on traffic and traffic building, especially with a blog, you risk losing the very thing you wanted in the first place.

That “thing” is your readers.  They want a connection with you and not with another link.  Sure, you need to create some controversy once and a while, but if you only aim to stir up problems, then you are failing your readers.  The same holds true for traffic, the more you want it the less it will happen.  Your readers are smart.

Content is so important, and most writers have lost site of that when it comes to creating something you care about. Writing and passion matters more than most people care to admit- especially to those who are focus on the almighty dollar.  Even those who write a blog about the almighty “making money online” will admit to writing great content is the end all of making money, but they will talk about not writing, or targeted writing, which is rather self-defeating.  Sure, they’ve got a blog but they have nothing to show for it if they talk about linking or keywords and have not idea how to help another writer.

Content is the lifeblood of any writer, they pound their fingers on keyboards, and agonize over a comma, but at the heart of it all they are creating something that in the long term will last more than something without the content as its foundation.  In other words write what you know, but also fix what is not as good, and that is the content of your blogs.

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