When does the Money come?

I know a lot of writers who love what they do.  This fin art of writing.  the art of placing your writing on a blog or as the case may be blogs)  of writing on other online writing sites, that art of writing a novel, or writing short stories or novels. Whatever it is you are talking about the passion of the craft of writing.

Yet, at the same time, the question many writers will ask (and it is a valid question) is when will the money come? 

Most people want to do something that they love, and they would, love to make money on the thing that they love to do, which in this case is writing.

A wise mentor said to me that writing is about everything, you, your family, and money.  His reasoning was that unless you have job which helps pay the bills, the very thing you love might cause you the most grief.  he went as far as to suggest that in a way you have to plan a bit for making some money with your writing.

You don’t have to be a millionaire (although, I can say most people would love a million dollars a year!) but you have to show a bit of drive to make a bit of money towards what you love to do.  You don’t have to become a professional writers, but you must be willing to work hard and love the act of writing, but not to feel that making money, being paid, is a thing that is bad.  To him, there is a bad thing in the term starving writer.

So, when does the money come?  When you keep on writing, and keeping on writing, and keep on publishing your work.  Small sums add up.  Money can be made writing, but you have to take it step by step.


  • MFord

    Hi Rebecca!

    Well said. It's unfortunate, I think, that a lot of people who love writing give up when the money doesn't come right away. It really does take time and patience.

  • Mamma and Co.

    Thank you so much for this post. I was just feeling a bit discouraged in the money making area of my writing after a convo I had with my fiance'. I want it now but I understand it takes perseverence and great marketing in this field especially for bloggers and self publishers. Please follow one and or all of my blogs. Im still new to this. Thanks a billion.