What Would You Rather Have?: Money or Joy?

It is the one thing which seems to drive writers to a standstill, on the one hand they love to write, and that much is certain.  On the other hand to write means you will need to make money. 

If it means writing a book then you will write a lot of books, or a lot of articles or whatever.  The point is that you will need to make money online and offline to make some sort of living in terms of your writing.  This is a true statement and most writers do not want to admit this.  Money is not key to success, rather it is a byproduct of hard work. 

At the same time there is such as thing as passionate writing, where you write what you enjoy writing about.  Writers in this case write for the joy of writing.

Not to suggest that you can not make money with writing what you enjoy writing about…. but the point here is that these writers simply look at the reason for the writing that they do, and can say without a word of doubt, that they write what they write for the joy of writing.  If they get published this a a bonus. 

Because of this divide, some might ask the question: What would rather have in your writing life?  The money which comes from writing and making a living from it, or the Joy, the passion of writing what you want and when you want to write it?

Could this be the reason why most writers do not see this as a balance?  You can write what you like and still make money with it.  The point is that you will need to be realistic with what you do, and most important understand that with all writing questions there is not an either or answer.


  • Damaria Senne

    Ths year? I'd rather have the money. I would then use it would buy me the time I need to write what I enjoy/find fulfilling( e.g. 6 months of not having to make money because I have enough money saved up, and being able to use that time to work on projects that bring me joy and MIGHT make me money.. or not..).

  • Judy Croome

    The money would be nice but if I was forced to choose I'd take joy. My favourite & most supportive boss once told me that I could go right to the top of whatever I chose to do but that I wasn't hungry enough because I'm living too comfortable a life. I think that's why I would always choose joy and happiness over the money (although the success & money would be nice added benefits to the joy!)
    Judy (South Africa)

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