What About Bukisa?

There are a lot of people who have sent me emails asking since you’ve mentioned wikinut, what about bukisa?

Now it is similar to blogger in terms of making money you, write and people click on your ads from Google AdSense.

Again, personally I prefer Bukisa for extra writing if you are just starting out since it does not take much time, but the point is that it is another site beyond your online writing blogs or writing sites you use.  Still because you are not paid by impressions there is  not as great a push to write there as you might feel otherwise.

As a bonus, since I do write on e-zine articles on other subjects, I link this blog to my bukisa, which is an easy way to get writing out there.  My point to what about Bukisa is this:  It is another writing site, and it is something you will have to promote and although 250 words does not seem like much, it is something you will need to make a business choice (like writing on wikinut) about.


  • Damaria Senne

    I would need to consider the business case very closely. I've used Google Adsense on sites I promote heavily, and on a couple of niche sites, and the earnings were not so good.

    I suspect I have a lot to learn to make Google Adsense work for me. So I'm wary of a site that uses it as the income generator.

    But it could be a good place to "archive" how to material I never did find a home for, but that I feel still offer a lot of value.

    Question: the thing is, how valuable is an article published on Bukisa to a budding writer? Would editors take it seriously as a clipping? I have my doubts about that too, and an article that can't earn me money AND more work loses value (to me).

  • Rebecca E.

    good question: I have had success in terms of clippings there, as some have asked me to write some articles for them, so I use it as a traffic generator to my blog, and go from there. As for Google AdSense, it seems to work okay much better than most sites I've found. it is on of the older ones out there.

    As for a budding writer: it has improved my writing so that is a good thing for me.

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