Increasing Traffic To Your Blog: Should You Use Ezine Articles?

As is often the case when someone wants to increase traffic and make money online, and they write on a topic such as writing, there comes a point when someone will have heard of a website where they can get more traffic and still do something that they love.  Writers are complex beings on the one hand they want to showcase their writing and on the other hand they want to build relationships with others.  They need money, but they want to write.  They want to write a blog, and they want to increase traffic to their blog.

So, with this email I was asked about writing and increasing traffic

“Hi, I wanted to know about writing and how you can build a blog like yours.  I am wondering about article directories and in particular e-zine articles.  Do they help increase traffic or is it simply a wasteland for writing?”

This is a great question, and like many writers I use e-zine articles. For the most part I get traffic, and I also get to showcase my work.  There is one proviso about this.  Know your copyrights. If you think that you can write a blog post, and then put it on e-zine articles, this is okay, as they do consider this “original content.” However, you lose that copyright.

Since you can make money by getting people to your site, I use it to write on other topics of interest to me.  It has improved my writing skills a lot since they do have a real editor look it over.  The main thing about e-zine articles is that you have to be aware that this is not a pay-per article site.  This is a long term thing where over time, with enough articles you can make money with it.

In fact part of the joy of e-zine articles is that people can use this content, provided that they leave a link to your work.  They one thing I do not suggest is copying your writing from your websites or blogs on to that site.  If you are indeed a writer, then I am certain you can write a 250 word article in one day after you’ve written on your blog.

This is a long term traffic booster to my blog, and it is only after about a year I’ve seen traffic from this website and others.  In fact one of my writing mentors suggested this method, but pointed out that this will take a long time to increase traffic to your blog.


  • Damaria Senne

    I still get trafic from articles that were published on Ezine Articles over 3 years ago. So in that sense, publishing on Ezine Articles is a long-term investment.

    I also got some unexpected returns: one of my articles was adapted for use in an English textbook for German High School students; another was used as a case study in a non-fiction book of a well-known South African author. That's publishing opportunities I didn't even have to go look for; they came to me, identified which articles were of interest to them and how they would be used and we came to terms (they offered new terms rather than just relying on TOS of EA.)

    And yes, I am aware of the downsides – people who publish your work without appropriate attribution, your work ending up on porn sites…..
    But all in all, I come out ahead. I wish I had the time to write and publish more articles there

  • Judy Croome

    Hmmm. This isn't something I've ever considered. I suppose I've been nervous of, as Damaria says, my work ending up in all sorts of disreputable places. But it's a good idea to write about something different from your blog or normal writing. Copyrights in thsi e-world is just such a wide-open area it makes me nervous and ultra cautious, but I suppose we sometimes have to take a risk for a long-term payoff.

    Judy (South Africa)

  • Rebecca E.

    yes jusy the key is to write about something that you do not write about on your blog, and that seems to work well. I do add my link to my blog, so that works for traffic, but again it's a long term investment