Increasing Traffic: A Get Rich Quick Idea? Notes on Writing and Money

I think I did something to anger the emailing gods.  After my last post I got a lot of emails and they ranged from I’ve never heard about e-zine articles, or they’ve heard of others, to how long does this take to increase traffic?  One of these stood out.  It was interesting and well thought out.  I’ll leave the email below

Hi:  I am just starting my blogging business, but I agree that you need a lot of traffic. I’ve read in other places that the content does not matter, it is the keywords which matter.  This leads me to believe that you should NOT worry about writing.  Is this true?

My next question is: If you increase your traffic a lot will you get rich quick or is ti a “pipe Dream?”

This is a great question to ask, since to me, writing is content.  If my writing is not useful to my readers I have a problem.  Now, I won’t get into talking about editing, as there I am a work in progress, however, writing a blog is certainly not a get rich quick idea.  this is all about writing, and showing that you can connect to your readers.  As for keywords, rumor has it too many keywords means a bad review by the people who matter– your readers.  There is a difference when you write and you simply dump a whole bunch of words on to a post because it “will make money”

My readers, that would be you, are not only traffic, but you are the lifeblood of this blog.  The point is that I choose to write on article directories to get traffic, but I write on article directories.  The key word is writing.  Yes, I believe that writing means you need to make money with it to survive, but you also need to have passion with what you do, then the traffic will come, because you’ve been useful to your readers, and have connected with them.

As for get rich quick… well if you are a writer and you’ve gotten rich quick, could you let me know?

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  • Damaria Senne

    Hi Rebecca

    I'll throw in my 2 cents:
    1. Content matters. Getting people to your site is one thing. But what do they do when they get there? Do they find what they were looking for? Do you answer their questions before they even ask? Are you building a relationship with them? Will they come back? Do they TRUST YOU ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU THEIR CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL DETAILS?
    Because if you can't get to the last, forget getting rich, whether quickly or slowly 🙂

    2. Most of the stories of Internet success I've read are of people who worked hard, sweated blood and tears to get their venture going. Even those who used some kind of template ( like one of those 30 Days Blogging Challenge thingies)still had to work. Of course, every so often there's the guy who seems to be an overnight success. But do you really want to gamble your livelihood on the possibility that you could get rich quick, or would you rather build a healthy growing business that brings you a good income ( and if that happens quickly, lucky you!)