I think We Got That Right about Making Money Online

I couldn’t resist writing about this topic– this idea of just having a website out there to create income.  Damaria made an excellent point, and this is one that you should take heed of when you are writing a blog, be it for fun or for money, or rather a lot of money (got you attention yet?) There is one key point that I had put out about making money online, and many thanks to Damaria, for pushing that point.  Writing is about content, what you write the soul and the heart of you, and then how you harness that to get Google and its power to have people find your blog or website.  Publishing a blog is one thing, but the writing is another.

1. Content matters. Getting people to your site is one thing. But what do they do when they get there? Do they find what they were looking for? Do you answer their questions before they even ask? Are you building a relationship with them? Will they come back? Do they TRUST YOU ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU THEIR CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL DETAILS?

Because if you can’t get to the last, forget getting rich, whether quickly or slowly 🙂

It is all about content, or rather building that content that people can trust- and it isn’t about money, at least not yet, and a writer who only cares about money will be hated in the long term.  We all must be useful and help others, but if we can’t communicate it in a useful way, as writers we are not as useful as we might think!  Money comes to those who work at it, and to those to aim to improve their writing not for the fact they can make money online, but for their reader.

I am sure that writers would all love to earn a lot of money on the Internet, but I am going out on a limb here, and will say that if you do not continue to work at it, you will not see long term success.  My readers are smart, and they will comment or send emails, and they all need great content to keep on coming back.  Content, or what I write is why they come back, and honestly, if I stopped writing, I know most people on the Internet would find another person to read.  Money comes from what you have to say and what you have to show to the person.
No one cares about what you do if you don’t care about building something for them.
In essence, when does the money come?  When you spend more time writing and re-writing and writing some more on a blog post or an online article, add a bit of linking to your other work. However, Damaria said it right, content matters.  If it didn’t people would not care about the writers they read.  I can say if the writing is poor, (I am not only talking about editing and other things of that nature, but of what you are telling me as a reader.)  then I am more likely not to do something you need me to do.

It’s about trust, a reputation and a reader-writer relationship and then money.

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