Writing and that Thing Called “Money” views on Money and Writers

My edits are going well, but I was asked: with writing you often make enough money don’t you?  wouldn’t you like to write something like Harry Potter?  Better yet, something like a Jack Whyte fiction book?

Of course I would, and as most know my favorite writer is Terry Brooks, but the next one is Jack Whyte.

I think the reason I do like Mr. Whyte’s novels a lot more, mostly because in a way, i think he has the best of both worlds, one he writes a great fiction novel, and two, he most likely makes money on his work.

It really boils down to the thing called “money”  you write and you wan to make money, but you do not want to be looked upon as “writing only for money.”

I think that is what is making me a bit sad, since many of Brooks’ newer works seem to be more based upon money, and not as a way to make a reader enjoy it, but as I read more of Whyte’s writing, I find myself enjoying the reading aspect of writing all over again.

that is what really money and writing are about a very fine balance.

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