Publishing and Writing

There are so many things about writing that one can write about, and there are equally as many things that one can write on in regards to publishing.  

There is a lot of things that are similar to both businesses and there are a lot of things which are different.  I could talk for a while about self-publishing, or I could talk about the benefits of traditional publishing, but that won’t help me over time.

Publishing and writing go hand in hand. The more you write, the more likely you will have something published in the end.  The more you accept your writing needs improvement, there is more of a chance that the book will find a home and more readers.

The same is true with my writing.  The same holds true with every step I take to make my books better.

Books, or rather the sale of published books is the life blood to a writer and to a reader.  Publishing a book is a great outcome, but it’s not the only reason to be a writer.  One can write online and have success with it as long as you learn from your experiences.

Does the same hold true with publishing and writing a blog?

It should, since there are countless ways and means to have a blog, or a website.
The more you learn about what it means to both publish and write, the better you can become, it’s not easy and can be challenging but it’s not to suggest it shouldn’t be fun.

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