Can Writing Be This Easy? Can You Make Money From It?

I have entered a bit of a debate with some fellow writers.  Here is the commentary: When you write you should be able to make money with your writing.  Now, taken to the next level is it possible to make $100 a day on your writing, both online and offline?

The key thing to this debate is that one, yes there are people who have made $100 a day on some of the many online writing sites out there.  Then there are people who do not make money at all on their writing.  Then there are people who squeak by on their writing.

Why this gap of money view? 

Writing is, in general one of the easiest things to do.  Most people write everyday.  While they would not consider themselves writers in a general sense.  In many ways the online world has is own writing not writing version and that is blogging.  Some do find it easier to write a blog than others.  Online i believe there is a possibility to make $100 a day from your writing.

Others are simply looking for ways to avoid vanity presses, but want to self-publish and they will make money, and for them writing a book a year is easy.  hey might even at some point make $100 a day.  In fact it might be very possible that this can happen.

So, can writing be easy? yes, can you make money from it? yes…

But do you think you can make $100 a day from it?  All things can be done, if you try.

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