Blogging and the Art of a Blog

Everyone who writes has a blog these days, and everyone who is a writer wants to have something that shows people what they love to do which is writing.  Having a blog is one thing, but writers often have a lot of other things to consider when they decide to write a blog.

Below is a list of seven things that a blog writer needs to consider when writing on their blog. 

1) Money factor:  This may seem like something for people who are not “real writers” but writers do need to consider this when they are writing.  If it takes you 20 hours per week to write on your blog, and you make nothing from it, with either some affiliate program such as Google AdSense, or via freelance contracts, then you will be hard pressed to want to continue. Making money is a big factor to your blogging business.

2) Know your audience: If your audience is a bunch of writers who love to comment, then comment back.  Otherwise know who and where and when people come.

3) A blog is a published writing:  The more you write the more you improve… only if you want to improve.

4) Writing is writing, and a blog is a bit of writing:  You have to write what you know about yes, but you should also be willing to fix facts or other information if you do not know what makes something correct.

5) Having a good insights of a Blog:  How it looks and what people want to see are two very different things. If you write something it can be taken the way to expect or not…

6) People are readers not “traffic” They are still called traffic, but they are readers as well.  There is a difference, a reader does come back your traffic might not.  Do not forget both, and be thankful for both.

7) A blog is a published work:  You write a blog and people read the blog, but it is still a published work with copyright protection as well as any other form of writing.  Know what you write is something that is an art form like any other art form.

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