When You Are Blogging About Writing

There are a lot of writing blogs out in the worldwide web.

Many of them are updated on a regular basis, with posts every other day or even twice a day and many of them are well thought out and well-written blog posts.  In fact they all seem to have a sort of topic that they focus on.  This is a good thing, since writing is such a huge topic, there is little chance of overlap on what we write.

There are also blogs which writers once wrote on but are no longer doing so.  They are abandoned to their fate, or the writer is focused on other matters.  Some blogs are not updated often simply because the main writer has too many blogs to run, or they are writing a book.  Creative writing is a process that takes a lot of time.

Writes are somewhat funny creatures.  They love to write, and yet hate the art of writing when there are problems. (also known as writers block)  They want t make money, but they also want to be respected in a profession where it is hard to gain respect.  They want praise and yet, are fearful about how their blogs look and are hopeful that they will make a great post that interests people.

Which leads to this line main question: when you are blogging about writing what should you think about?

If you are writing and want to show what you can do, you need to think about your editing.  When you have written a blog post, and then simply hit publish, there is bound to be a mistake found in even the shortest of posts, so when writing, think of your editing.

If you are blogging to show a point of view, make certain you know what it is all about. In this case, a point of view on successful book publishing is not quite a reality for me, so it’s not something that I can write about at this point. (Update: November 2011 my book is published.)

If you are blogging to showcase your writing, showcase your writing and what you can do as a writer.  Don’t showboat, rather commit to improving the rest of your blog as needed.  You need to share emotions in your writing, but you don’t need to focus on making something work if it doesn’t.  Writing in a more creative way can help too.

If you are blogging to make money writing, don’t give up but think about how long the process can take you before money becomes a reality.

There are so many should but the biggest one about blogging about writing is that you love the readers who come and read and comment on your blog.

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