When Writing Means Money

There is one discussion that seems to drive people and make them voice the views that they would not normally voice between conversations about writing and the business of writing.  This conversation is usually about money, or rather, what happens when writing takes second to making money.  Not just making money, but making money online and making money with your writing.  This is when the obsessions of money is more important than anything else.

Writers can tell the signs.  It is this drive where they want to write but will not write anything they have passion for, but what they can make money with.  Again this is not to suggest that as writers we need to write only for passion or what we love about, but we must be aware that we do need money.  There is a fine balance.

When writing means money, even a small suggestion for improving you work will be ignored, this is a sign that writers really are writing only for money.  Improvement in anything, especially in your writing, is a key.  If you lose that drive, that passion to improve your writing, you will be thinking about your next pay or your next something, anything for money.

Do we want to write for money?  Of course, but as writers, writing online or offline should me that you are committed to change, to helping others and to improving your work and your writing career.  There is a fine line, you need to be passionate about what you write about, and you also need to work on money and how you live.  It is important to work, writers need to do this, but it is also important to have balance, your work your time, your writing, your other commitments and you are all a part of your writing career.

When writing only means money, then you have gone to far in one direction you should not.

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