What Is An Online Business? Do You Mean My Blog?

I once mentioned that writing online should be considered an online business, and this is important since we want to make money and see success when we are writing and building the business that we have. 

So what is the difference between online businesses and offline businesses?

None really, both businesses need a lot of time and dedication and both need to be cared for an cultivated. They need a lot of ‘free time’ or volunteer work on the part of the business owner to have success. Sort of like a book.  If you are planning on publishing a book then you will need to think about how to get your readers from somewhere to your book, and this is generally from your blog.  If your book is on Amazon, you will need a blog or some type of social network to move potential readers to your works.  A blog is a place to have people come and see what you have to offer and what you can do for them. That is the nature of a blog, people will read your writing, and if it is a good blog post then they will go to your book.

In a sense this is a lot like having inventory when it comes to blogging: you need, for lack of a better term, updated stock and this means posting newer content (blog posts) on a regular basis, even twice a day.  I would say that it is reasonably easy for writers to do this, unless they have other very important commitments to do.  I do understand that we all have to write, and make money with our writing, but our business can also mean our blogs.

We are for the most part writers who have a lot to say and a lot to write about.  We are passionate and this passion needs to extend to our blogs. For example if you have Google AdSense on your blog it is possible you can make money this way.

 The point is you have to update your content, people won’t go to a blog with no fresh content in a long while and it is similar in nature to the social networking sites, the more you put in the more chance you have of getting people to read, and come back, and for you to earn income.  Another example is if you freelance your work, and you are paid to guest blog.  The more content you have up the more likely you will be contacted for a paid blog post.

Yes, your blog is a part of your online business, and this means your writing business by extension.  The more you see yourself as a business and a brand the more likely you will have more success.