Make Money? ( But But But!)

I doubt you expect that sort of title, but this is something which I have noticed time and again on my online articles websites.  The comments usually start with ” I want to write… but  I want to make money… but it’s really gravy… but I want to write”

The list of these comments seem endless, the fact is that here, writing is important, but the fact is that we have to make money if we want to continue to write and publish our work.

So make money anyone?


  • Beth Barany

    Are you talking about the seeming conflict between writing and making money? Every entrepreneur is also torn between what they want to be doing and what people will actually pay money for. This tension is real, and can be handled, don't you think? How do you handle it? I give making money by doing what I love priority.

  • Bethany AKA Mother of the Munchkins

    I'm currently having that issue. I write. I've always written. But so far, the money aspect has been tedious to say the least. As I told my mother, I've a publication potential in an Australian magazine, something in a Chicago magazine and another in a Hawaiian newspaper, none of which I am getting paid for… something not right here. HA!

  • Damaria Senne

    making money writing what I want to write..that's the ideal for me. mostly though, making money has been about writing for clients that can pay and looking for clients who have prjects I want to be involved in. It's hard to balance that tension of money and writing what we want, i think.

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