Do Writers Need Writing Breaks?

There are many reasons for taking some time away and having a break.  All writers no matter how busy need a break.  They also need a break from their writing.  It does make them better writers.  Not only does it allow them to come to their writing with a better mental attitude, they can be more willing to learn and have fun with what they are writing.

Below is a list of twenty ways to go out and have a much needed break from writing. This doesn’t need to be expensive or even long, just something to get away from your writing even for a few minutes.

1) Go for a walk outside.  Even for 10 minutes.

2) Away from your desk call a friend.

3) read a book, something you enjoy.

4) Put on a CD and dance.

5) Do some housework.

6) Draw or paint something.

7) Go for a swim in the pool.

8) Walk around the house and laugh.

9) Do a crossword puzzle.

10) Go shopping for one new item.

11) Do some gardening.

12) Play a computer game, one which you’ve promised yourself you would play.

13) Play with your children.  They need you as well.

14) Read a few blogs.

15) Go and have coffee with friends.

16) Go and see a movie.

17) Sit down wrap a blanket around you and enjoy a glass of hot chocolate

18) Knit or crochet something new.

19) Go out and bowl.  Ask a few friends and have fun.

20) Simply lean back and stretch at your chair for five minutes.

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