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Creative Writing Challenges

There are many days when you want to write in a more creative way.

There are also times when the process of writing can bring you down, or in a way that you will find is more passionate than you would otherwise write. 

Sometimes, it is when you write and you find a “groove.” There are so many ways to lose a groove in writing just as there are as many ways to find your groove back in writing. Creative writing, or rather, the art of being creative in writing.

Below is a list of three things that have helped my writing be more creative, especially if you have faced the challenge of a thing known as “writers block.”

1)  Take a draft and write it in a different way:  

By this, it means if you wrote your draft in the third person write a page or two in the first person, or the second person. It is fun and it can be the very thing which can make a writer do exactly what they are supposed to be doing, that is writing.  Even changing the character’s point of view from a limited point of view to an omnipotent can help you see how you can be more creative.

This is one where getting creative about writing a certain way or in a certain theme can improve how you build your characters or fix a plot.

2) Write in a different medium:  

If you are used to writing a first draft on paper, do it on the computer (it forces your mind not to go on ‘auto pilot’). Another suggestion is to write your work with your non-dominant hand (it will take you longer to write and it will also slow you down).  When you do this, it seems to give you a new perspective for your work.  This can give you an idea when you are stuck in a rut.

3) Write some other type of writing:  

Any writer can write so why not try writing a poem?  Better yet write a new story in a genre you are not used to.  Above all have fun with this. Get creative, or become more logical,  for example, write a list of things to do to help you find more ways to enjoy your writing.

Writing poetry is a good one, since if you do not intend to publish it, you can of course write it anyway you prefer.  I have found a sense of humour goes a long way to making your work more fun.

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