Pay- Per- Article Sites They Make Money But are they Good?

Is writing on pay-per-article sites good or bad idea for your writing career? 

After all you need money to justify your online writing, and these seem a lot better on the pocket book than say a revenue sharing site where you can only hope some one will come along and you make money this way.

Neither one is an easy road, and some will say that they find sites such as Hubpages to be better for them, after all they get the readership to make them money- and they don’t have to worry about anything beyound writing. They also have done a lot of research to find out what people will do to make them money with Google AdSense or Amazon. Others do not like these methods since it takes them so long to get a payout.

The question becomes should you or would you write for pay-per article sites. after being approved you’ll make $5-$15 dollars on your pay account, and it is right there for you to use.   The problem is that you lose your rights to your writing and it’s not as much money for the effort you put into it.

You need the money fast then you need to consider sites such as Demand Studios or Expert 123, but if simply getting your writing out there is primary than a revenue sharing site such as Hubpages should be considered.  In pay-per-article method this doesn’t mean instant money either since according to the sites you will have to apply with a resume but you will have exposure on other sites provided you have some experience.

How can you look at it, with a pay-per article site, you will make you money right away, however there will be editing issues, and also, if you publish your work there, it might mean that you have no rights to the articles.  That needs to be taken into consideration.  If you are prepared, and are willing to go and do the process, an extra $100 a month can make a big difference to your profits.  This means you can focus on writing more.

It is knowing what is most important in your life.  It is knowing that you can write and make money, but also focus on what is your writing passion.  Publishing a book as a writer is a major goal, but if you have theatre time, and most writers don’t money is a good thing, as long as you know where your passions are for writing.