Is Writing a J.O.B. or a way of Living? Money, Money or M-O-N-E-Y

It is possible to make writing a J.O.B. (just over broke) where you write, then write and then complain that you are simply not making any money.  None, not a penny.  You want to make money, and you would love to see it sooner or later.

You’ve tried writing online for months, week , days, and you’ve put Google AdSense up, and Yahoo Ads up and thousands of other ads up and nothing.

I mean nothing.  This is frustration I know, you feel like all your hard work is doing nothing.  You stare at that screen for hours, hitting keys until your finger bleed and nothing. No movement no nothing and you wish your work would be seen more.

In fact, this is possibly the reason why people complain they are looking for money, any money, but they certainly love writing. It is so true writing is one thing, and so is passion about writing.

So really what makes writing a way of living?

When it is your writing that makes you money and not your ads or anything else that makes you money (or has you pull your hair out.)  Writing is a way of living when you write something that matters, when you write and people care.

That is the meaning of writing as a way of living…. your money comes from your passion for writing not your other many thousands of means of making money.

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