Is Writing an Art? ( Writing Blogs and More)

Many writers will talk about the passion for writing, or the joy of writing, but I have not seen too many people write about the art of writing. This is not to suggest that that you can not have a business, or a business plan for your writing career, but more asking the question of is writing an art?
As a writer, there are many ways to think of writing as an art. I would say there are four ways to view this art form, and really it is simple and makes your writing goals more interesting if you think of your writing as a way to express your art.
1) Blogs: Writing a blog is both hard and has its own set of challenges, but at the same time, it is also just as fun and enjoyable to many as doing some freelance work. There is an art to blogs, write too many posts and you’ll anger your reader, do not write enough and you will lose them.
2) Writing Online Articles: This can be as simple as getting traffic to your blogs, or to showcase your writing, but the important thing to remember with writing these articles is that you will still need to be as professional as possible and know what works for each site.
3) Magazines and Newspapers: This can be both online and offline, but the art to these is the ability to make the audience care is a big asset, which means a larger audience, and the better you edit your art, the more likely your work will be seen by a more “educated” and “questioning” audience. Of all of the four this is possibly the one where all the factors of writing, and editing met.

4) Books, Novels and eBooks: Similar to a blog an eBook is one of the most interesting way to show your writing as your art online. The others are a new dimension to an old method. Almost any writer will say that writing a book is the answer to is writing an art. Why? It takes time and energy and talent to write and edit and rewrite a book.

All of these four can be an art to themselves, from blogging to online writing articles to magazines and newspapers, to Books and Novels and eBooks. These are an important part the art of writing and they are what make writing an art.

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