How Much Money Do your Expect to Make?

The question seems to be something that everyone wants to ask and wants an answer to.  Given that it is a personal question it can also be a sort of explosive question.  As writers we can be asked this when we begin our journey in writing.

We want to write for a living, but there is always someone, or multiple someones, who will boldly ask: So how much money do you expect to make?

Some are curious, and some are not, some wonder because they want to write for a living as well.  Some simply do not, and will never, like the fact that you are doing something “not usual.”  for the ones who are curious, you can say a bit tongue in check well how much do you expect to make?

Here are  few answers I have giving, I expect to make a bit of money on smaller sites I use such as wikinut, but, there I am using it as something to expand my blog. Then I might mention Bukisa, where how much money I make has a bit of a different expectation.  This is because I have been there longer and have a different view.

Again, when you think about writing, you need to think about money.  This is a fact if you want to be a full time writer.  Having good writing is one thing, but you also need to know what you need to make (money) to continue writing.

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