Writing blogs and the Art of Traffic

Blogs are great ways to showcase a topic, or a piece of writing well love to do.  Blogs are also a great way to show people what you do as a writer and what you can do to improve.  Writing is all about improving and making the writing and the work we give something of value or of use to other people.

Still no matter how great we may think we are, we need to think about one small thing, and that is traffic.  Now, at one point, when a writer first began to write their blogs, they are often happy with a visit a day or even a few visits a month, but over time that goal changes.

There is an art to traffic and traffic is the lifeblood of the all blogs on the Internet, if you wan tot make money through your blogs, or through another way based upon your blogs.  You need traffic, no matter which way you look at it.

This is (in its most basic sense) where creating more comes in.  By this you create more places where people will “see” you blog.  You do not re-create you blog, but you add a link to get the traffic to your blog.  A link is a way to get a reader to your work.So how is this done?

You write an online article elsewhere, and the person will see the “link” to your blog.  A link is anything with you website address on it, wither found with words, or found based on the seeing the website address itself, either way the more links which are created over time, the more traffic you can get over time.  this can lead to the next thing, which is making money, but you will need to get traffic.

One way is by guest blogging on others blogs where you write a short post, and which has a link to your blog within it.  Another is by writing on other online sites, and adding your blog address on your author resource.  These methods are for the most part easy and reliable and will get traffic to your blog.  After all there is an art to writing as there is an art to traffic.

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    as long as the blog is great you will be happy with what you get, because all good things come to those who have patience.

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